Strength Against Risk

You Have Died Of Data Breach.jpgWherever your organization is headed, information technology is an essential tool to help you get there. Your website helps you engage with customers, clients, and stakeholders. You need email to communicate both internally and externally. And digitally stored data allows you to quickly and efficiently retrieve information. If something harms your IT system, your organization could easily be knocked off course.

These days, there’s plenty that could harm your IT system. From hackers to viruses to employee error, your computers and mobile devices have never been more vulnerable; navigating the business trail in the digital era is no game.

Just as you wouldn’t journey across America without planning ahead, you shouldn’t traverse the cyber landscape unprepared. This webinar will describe the common cyber risks organizations face, cover basic strategies to protect against these risks, and explain how insurance can get organizations afflicted with a data breach up and on the trail again.

Presenters: Brian Kubicki, Client Executive at Gibson and Adam Erickson, Central Region Underwriting Manager at The Hanover Insurance Group

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This webinar was originally presented on October 4, 2017. The following video is a recording of the live webinar. Should you have questions about this presentation, please click here to send us an email.