Instantly Assess The liability of Your Lake Home

[Cover]Lake-Life (1)Most lake home owners purchased their property because of the peaceful and calming effects of living on the water. With the beauty of living on a lake also comes an increased risk of insurance coverage gaps. If you are the owner of a lake home, have you considered the hazards of living on the water? Does your insurance cover any accidents that might occur?

Determine if you have any gaps by simply answering each question on this assessment with a yes or no, then tally all of your points to decide your needs. The assessment covers the following and more:

  • 1Liability
    Do you have coverage for personal assets, liquor liability, and a safety checklist for children around the water?
  • 2Watercraft
    Is your watercraft covered in case of a total loss? Do you have protection if a passenger or another boater is injured?
  • 3Home/Structure
    Do you have enough coverage to rebuild your home? Is there a flood policy in place? Do you have coverage on docks, lifts, piers, etc.?

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