Strength Against Risk

June Workplace Violence Prevention Webinar.pngThe threat of violence is a reality in the modern workplace. Each year, nearly 2 million U.S. workers report having been victims of workplace violence. And that is only the reported cases, unfortunately many other incidents go unreported.

The impact of workplace violence can be devastating. It’s a serious threat to an organization’s safety, security, business continuity, employee productivity, brand, and reputation. What can you do to prevent incidents in your workplace? And how can you be prepared to respond should tragedy strike?

This session will discuss:

  • How to define and recognize workplace violence,
  • Strategies for becoming a more effective communicator to avoid workplace violence situations,
  • Best practices for developing a workplace violence prevention program, and
  • Tactics for responding should tragedy strike.

Presenter: Shawna Neilson | Director of Risk Management Services | Gibson

This webinar was originally presented on June 22, 2017. The following video is a recording of the live webinar. 


Wistia video thumbnail - Preventing Workplace Violence Webinar

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