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We’re Advisors, Not Just Brokers.

We exist to pursue your best interests. And we do it together, sharing what we learn from client to client, moment to moment, and digging deeper to see things others can’t – or don’t bother to. That’s how we get to the proactive side of insurance, where your company really gains the edge.

It’s empowering to know you have a team who’s constantly surveying – assessing what’s happened before, what’s happening now, and what’s coming next. The moment you need to make a change we’ll spring into action together.


Nearly a Century of Independent, Passionate Practice.

Gibson was founded nearly 100 years ago. And since day one, we’ve been driven by our relationships with our clients, employees, and community. Our first office in Plymouth, Indiana was opened in 1933, and as our reach grew, so did our Gibson team. Today, we serve both local and national clients from our six offices across the country.

We started as a family business, grew to include employee stockholders, and in 2011, we became an ESOP – employee-owned. Today, we sit in the top 1% of US independent insurance brokers. Why does being independent matter? It means we have the freedom to make your best interests our own, act quickly on your behalf, and pursue the new paths that make us all better. 

We’re proud to have created a team in which our values and how we practice them every day consistently earn us best practices and best places to work honors.

15553, Plymouth Business- Insurance & Real Estate, Gibson Ins. Agency, 117 W LaPorte, ca 1960, #5640D-52, Dan Gibson owner
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The Gibson Hawk and Its Meaning.

The Gibson Hawk is an important part of our brand and our promise to you. It stands perched and looking outward, always surveying the landscape for the next opportunity. Its vision stretches far and wide – well beyond what others can see – yet it can still focus sharply on what’s right in the foreground. It’s curious, agile, and always thinking. And that’s exactly the kind of vigilance you can expect from us.


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Ours is a culture of constant learning and growth. Together, we’ll create a path for your career goals and aspirations so you can reach your full potential – and go even further.


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