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Clint Squadroni Talks About Compassionate Leadership and Work Ethic

By Gibson on Jun 6, 2024 8:42:08 AM

Clint Squadroni, CEO ofInXpress, joins co-host Taylor Covey on The Edge to discussthe importance of mentorship, giving back to the community, and how work ethic has given Clint his edge in life. They also dive into the defining qualities of effective leadership and the paths that lead to personal and professional success.

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Season Six Switch-Up: Introducing the Co-Hosts

By Gibson on May 23, 2024 8:22:35 AM

Host Tim Leman introduces the dynamic trio of co-hosts for Season 6: Alex Rodriguez, Courtney Montfort, and Taylor Covey. Together they dive into their motivations for becoming co-hosts and share their passion for connecting with people. Tune in to discover how these hosts find their edge and embrace the thrill of trying new things. 

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Bringing Bluey to Work: Insights for Grown-Ups

By Janna Ellis on May 2, 2024 6:30:00 AM

As the parent of a preschooler, I’ve watched every episode of Bluey more than once. This Australian kids’ show about a blue heeler puppy and her canine friends and family is a staple in our household. If you’ve ever watched an episode of Bluey with your child, you'll know it's more than just a show for kids—it's a goldmine of wisdom that applies to our grown-up lives. This got me thinking: how can we take lessons learned from Bluey to help us level up at work?

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From the Court to the Cubicle

By Haley Lane and Kenzie Anders on Apr 4, 2024 6:30:00 AM

Today’s blog is coauthored by Gibson’s Haley Lane and Kenzie Anders, both of whom grew up in the town of Plymouth, Indiana, where the Gibson roots first began back in 1933. You might say they are true homegrown Gibson employees.  

Kenzie and I, now colleagues at Gibson, were once high school volleyball teammates. I was the team captain and setter my senior year and Kenzie was the starting middle hitter as a freshman. We spent many afternoons, evenings, and weekends together in the gym. 

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The Humbling Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know

By Becky Beckman on Mar 21, 2024 6:30:00 AM

Reading non-fiction is like going on a treasure hunt for me, and I’m always on the lookout for authors who push me to expand my perspectives. In 2023, I read Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know, in which Adam Grant introduces the concept of mental flexibility when it comes to questioning your opinions and updating your beliefs. Grant encourages readers to adopt the mindset of a scientist, where beliefs are hypotheses to be tested rather than truths to be defended. This perspective shift—and new focus on and openness to admitting what I don't know—has been a powerful catalyst for my personal and professional growth and success.

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A Little Empathy Goes A Long Way

By Liesel Mindrebo Mertes on Mar 7, 2024 6:30:00 AM


Empathy, or the lack of it, makes for unforgettable customer experiences. 

Last spring, my older son got his third concussion while scrambling for an errant, playground football. It was a long night in the ER, and we weren't discharged until nearly midnight. 
And when it rains, sometimes it pours. My all-day conference was winding down two days later when my husband texted:  "I think Moses is having appendicitis; I'm taking him to the ER." 

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It's Been One Year...ALREADY?!?

By Laura Butler on Feb 22, 2024 6:30:00 AM


After making any sort of significant change in your life, you may have found yourself saying “Well, it’s only been a few months since…” to explain why you don’t know something, why you’re still catching up, or as it relates to the progress you’ve made in a positive way. Recently, I found myself saying, “Well, it’s been almost a year since I joined Gibson.” What I didn’t say out loud, but was certainly thinking in my head, was “ALREADY?!?” 


So much can change in 12 months. And life changes—such as a career move—are not ones to make lightly or haphazardly. As my dad taught me, “You find a job and work really hard. You stay loyal to them, and they will be loyal to you. You ride out the hard times because of the good.”   

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Pursue Growth: An Ongoing Journey

By Jon Slusser on Feb 8, 2024 6:30:00 AM

On May 2, 2022, my mother, Kelly Slusser, was killed in an auto accident. She was involved in a head-on collision. The other driver was texting and driving. 

As a devoted stay-at-home mom, my mother raised five children, and was at every game, concert, and birthday, as well as the occasional meeting with the school principal. She was relatively quiet and reserved. At her funeral, I expected to see a few family members and close friends. To my surprise, hundreds of people showed up, with a line extending out of the building.

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Throwback Thursday: Accelerate Success…By Slowing Down For A Day

By Brock Squire on Jan 25, 2024 6:30:00 AM

Throwback Thursday: This blog was written in January 2020. Four years (and a pandemic) later, here I am getting ready for another Gibson State Of The Company meeting - this time with over 170 employees tuning in from offices in Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Utah! It has been exciting to see these meetings evolve with our organization, but even if some of the elements have changed, the essentials are the same – we are paying close attention to the details to make this meeting a great experience for our people, employee recognition is a BIG part of the day, and we always try to have some fun!  

Earlier this month I attended my first Gibson State Of The Company (SOTC) meeting. All 140 Gibson employees gathered in South Bend for the day to reflect on the past 12 months and ignite our energy for the year ahead.

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Doing Better Work in 2024

By Nicole Fallowfield on Jan 11, 2024 6:30:00 AM


I have never been one for making New Year’s resolutions. In my experience, these grand promises we make to ourselves often prove to be more daunting than beneficial and are rarely sustainable beyond the first few weeks of the year, leading to feelings of failure.   

This year, I am taking a different approach. I’m focusing on gradual, consistent improvement—implementing small, manageable daily changes that allow me to do better work and commit to being excellent in what I do. 

Setting my focus on doing better work does not mean my current work isn’t great or impactful. It means I am setting a goal of sustainable excellence—and creating a system that allows me to support myself in reaching my greatest potential. 

Below are a few simple strategies I’m incorporating into my work routine in 2024. I encourage you to try integrating one, two, or all these habits into your work life, too. I am confident these little steps, taken consistently, will lead to big achievements over time. 

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