Organizational-Employee-WellbeingUnderstand the connection between organizational and employee wellbeing.

Human behavior is complex. Simply offering wellness programs in an attempt to mitigate health care costs and improve employee health has proven ineffective. Research in organizational and employee wellbeing all point to one basic tenant – both are inextricably linked and influence each other.

Using our proprietary Gibson Protection System, you’ll get a tailored wellbeing approach from industry experts in:

    • Organizational wellbeing
    • Employee wellbeing
    • Engagement strategies
    • Onsite and near-site clinic integration
    • Workplace culture audits
    • Innovative wellbeing practices
      • Career
      • Community
      • Financial
      • Physical
      • Social

It’s time to think beyond traditional wellness and embrace the concept of wellbeing. Recognizing the connection between a supportive workplace and a happier workforce will allow you to create an environment for healthier and more engaged employees.

Our Expertise


Nicole Fallowfield, CWP

Nicole is the Director of Health Risk Management in Employee Benefits. She is responsible for designing and overseeing health management strategies for Gibson’s employee benefits clients.