Worksite-BenefitsInnovative and flexible benefit choices for your employees.

In today’s ultra competitive environment, your benefits package can make the difference in recruiting and retention efforts. Offering employee paid voluntary worksite benefits is a great way to bolster and round out your benefits without increasing cost.

Why Gibson?

Our platform creates the greatest amount of enrollment flexibility and ease of administration. We utilize a non-commissioned voluntary benefit expert to provide communication and counseling on benefit offerings. Our team ensures your employees understand the benefits and make informed decisions about which products may or may not be a fit for their personal situation.

Technology Based Enrollment

We utilize a number of application options to ensure a timely and accurate enrollment process that has little disruption to your workflow. Group meetings coupled with one-on-one laptop based enrollments ensures accurate electronic collection of data for your payroll system.

Enrollment Options:

  • Gibson enrollment team
  • Outsourced enrollment firms
  • Laptop based electronic enrollments
  • Call center support
  • Online enrollments
  • Personalized benefit & compensation statements
  • Custom print communications

Product Offerings:

  • Core group benefits: medical, dental, and vision
  • Level term life
  • Universal life
  • Disability
  • Long-term care
  • Critical illness and cancer
  • Accident