gibson-esop-gesop-gibby.pngCreating engagement and building wealth

Gibson has always been 100% employee owned through employee stockholders. In late 2010, we also implemented the Gibson ESOP. We call it GESOP (Gibson ESOP). The GESOP is the largest stockholder in our organization and every employee is eligible to participate.

Through the GESOP, employees have the opportunity to earn additional funds for their retirement based on the financial performance of our company.

ESOPs create a culture of greatness and a high level of engagement since every employee is an owner. Historically, ESOP companies have outperformed non-ESOP companies in many ways.

  • 12% of employees at companies without an ESOP were laid off during the Great Recession compared to 3% at ESOP companies.(National Science Foundation)
  • ESOPs build wealth. Participants have approximately 2.2 times as much in their retirement accounts as participants in comparable non-ESOP companies. (Employee Ownership Foundation)
  • ESOPs increase sales and employment by about 2.4% over non-ESOP companies. (Rutgers)
  • ESOPs create a level of engagement that is hard to duplicate in a non-ESOP environment because every employee is an owner.
  • ESOPs help create a culture of greatness.

Employees love this plan and clients benefit from it as we’re all focused on growing our company by providing exceptional client service.