There are two ways to engage our HR platform: Integrated or Operated.

  • Integrated = Our Providers + Our People
  • Operated = Your Providers + Our People

It all starts with us operating your systems using your providers. We work with a number of regional and national companies to support your existing systems, optimize processes, and accelerate your ability to grow.

Our approach provides a focus on strategy where you won’t lose out on critical assessments, collaboration, or quality advice. Our team is where you’ll find the magic.

With the Integrated solution, we take HR platforms to the next level. The integrated option is a strategic, yet streamlined package that combines employee benefits, payroll, and HR solutions onto a single platform where systems work together, not just interact with each other. The key differentiator is our technology, Select360. Select360 is fully integrated, easy to use, flexible, intuitive, and functionally rich - it meets the criteria for all types of organizations.

Employee Benefits

Offering employee benefits can be a competitive advantage. Working with us you'll have access to a full range of employee benefit programs.

With one of the most knowledgeable employee benefits teams in the region and an integreated HR platform, we provide exceptional service, competitive pricing, and access to tools and resources that keep you and your employees educated, informed, and compliant.

We help clients proactively managing their employee benefit program and budget with:

  • Carrier, Coverage, and Policy Expertise
  • Knowledge Of Our Client’s Business
  • Options, Strategy, and Advice
  • Critical and Timely Information On Regulatory and Legislative Changes


Payroll doesn't have to be a burden.

With the right technology and business processes, payroll administration is simple and affordable. Let us help create an enhanced employee experience with managing your time and attendance tracking, taxes, and regular payments.

If you are looking to streamline your payroll processes, we have the experience with designing payroll processes and automating the paperwork to save you time and money. We also offer full service implementation and integration services for payroll and time and attendance tracking systems.

  • Payroll Processing
  • Time & Attendance Reporting
  • Payroll Conversion & Integration
  • Payroll Reporting & Tax Filing

Human Resources

We put the resources in HR and are changing the way companies hire and onboard - with a focus on providing and excellent employee experience. Our Select360 platform integrates various modules to work together, not just interact with each other.

We facilitate the functions that help grow your people including candidate sourcing, position and performance management, training, and development tracking.

With our technology, you can easily visualize key HR data and gain valuable insights into which processes are working well and where there’s room for improvement.

  • Benefits Administration
  • Entire Employee Life Cycle
  • HR Administration
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