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Kolbe Corp. is the world leader in identifying and applying instinctive strengths in human behavior. It publishes the only valid, reliable assessment of instinctive, conative strengths and has worked with its clients in business, education and families since 1975.

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The Best Leaders Know These 4 Things About Their People

By Kolbe Corp on Jan 12, 2023 6:30:00 AM


1. How They Gather And Share Information

When faced with a new work project, there is a certain type of employee who will instinctively need to know anything and everything about the project. This team member will have questions…and lots of them. When you use this team member’s strengths efficiently, they will find facts like it’s their superpower.

Of course, if every employee acted this way all the time, you’d never get anything fully done, because there will always be more questions to ask, facts to find. So, it’s important to know which employees will naturally wade through all that information, get the “gist” (a few bullet points, maybe), then move on.

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