Tony Gaipa

Tony Gaipa

Tony is a Risk Advisor at Gibson, responsible for providing risk management and insurance services to business clients. He specializes in identifying, quantifying and bringing clarity around strategic, business, and hazard risk exposures. Utilizing the proprietary Sightline process, he and his team provide counsel and advice on complex business and people issues that extend far beyond the scope of an insurance policy. Tony joined Gibson's commercial risk management practice in 2020. Read Tony's Full Bio

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Embracing Unity: Making An Impact Through Collaboration

By Tony Gaipa on Aug 3, 2023 6:30:00 AM

I recently had the pleasure of sharing a cup of coffee with a colleague and one of our bright interns who will be heading off to college in a few weeks. As we chatted, I was struck by his genuine enthusiasm to connect with others, learn, and seek advice from experienced individuals. Despite the excitement and anticipation of starting a new chapter in his life, he has already been taking proactive steps to make the most of his time and energy. Witnessing such intentionality from a young mind was truly refreshing. It reminded me of the immense value in reaching out to others, sharing passions, and exchanging ideas. It was a poignant reminder that by embracing a Better Together philosophy, we open doors to endless possibilities for growth and fulfillment in our personal and professional lives.

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