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How to Manage Your Business' Reputational Risk on Social Media

Nov 14, 2016 6:30:00 AM

Social_Media_Checklist.jpgIn the span of just 60 seconds...

  • 120+ new LinkedIn accounts are created
  • 38,194 photos are posted to Instagram
  • 347,222 tweets are tweeted
  • 701,389 logins to Facebook

With the continual rise in technology and social media, reputational risk management remains a top concern for many businesses.

Though social media isn’t the only area impacting reputational risk, it is a major one to consider. Social media has become standard. It is a part of our lives. From building brand awareness to customer service, the benefits of using social media are vast. But there are of course risks that come along with the use of social networks. How can you help mitigate the risks? 

To help you address the risks associated with social media and protect your company’s brand, we’ve created a social media checklist

In this checklist we offer tips for how your company can make the most of your social media usage and avoid brand damage.

Are you ready to proactively manage your business’ reputation on social media? Download our new resource: Reputation Risk Management: Social Media Checklist. 


Written by Gibson

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