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The Edge Podcast: Season 5

Jul 27, 2023 6:30:00 AM

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Season 5 of The Edge Podcast continues! Host Tim Leman talks with 6 leaders – from a variety of industries and experiences – to share real stories of leadership, teams, and finding your edge.   

Host Tim Leman is back with a brand-new season of The Edge Podcast! Tune in to hear real stories of leadership, teams, and finding your edge.  

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 Amy Bruske of Kolbe Corp joins host Tim Leman to discuss the unique ways we each take action and how understanding these striving instincts can be impactful in the workplace as well as at home. She shares about her leadership journey, advice for family businesses, and what makes for a strong team. Amy also talks about how she found her edge and how she has harnessed it to achieve success.   



Andrea Sloan, President of GroundBreakers, joins host Tim Leman to discuss her passion for creating culture and growth. They explore lessons she learned from her time in the military, the impact EOS has had on her as a leader and on the organization, as well as her fearlessness, which Andrea says is her edge in life.   



James Mueller, Mayor of the City of South Bend (IN), joins host Tim Leman to give a glimpse into city government and what it takes to manage a diverse group of stakeholders with competing interests. They talk about James’ unique path to public service, the importance of communication, rising to meet the needs of your team, and setting an organization on a sustainable path for the future.   



Adam Kronk, Chief Culture & Leadership Development Officer at Lippert, shares lessons from his unique career journey. Adam & Tim also discuss his intentionality around creating genuine encounters with team members and family.   



Pedro Cons, CEO of Adelante Healthcare, joins host Tim Leman to discuss how he and his organization strive to close the gaps in care for their patients. They talk about the critical role collaboration and partnership play in achieving that vision. Pedro also shares about the importance of mentorship, emotional intelligence, and embracing situational leadership.    

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