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The Employer-Optimized Healthcare Model

Apr 28, 2021 6:45:00 AM


Warren Buffett said, “there are two sides to every coin…price and value. Price is what you pay, and value is what you get.”

In today’s healthcare system, there is a broad range in both price and value, and unfortunately, traditional health plans do not effectively support members consistently using high-quality, affordable providers and facilities.

On the value side of the coin, there are several reputable quality measures that consistently demonstrate wide variability in safety scores, infection rates, and overall health outcomes – even between two hospitals within the same system! And the statistics on unnecessary care, overuse of testing, and misdiagnosis are staggering.

  • 30% of cancers are misdiagnosed and 40% have ineffective treatment plans
  • 6 out of 10 spine surgeries are unnecessary
  • Approximately 50% of Americans are on one or more of the wrong medications

On the other side of the coin, healthcare prices are rising faster than any other category of our nation’s GDP, and as a result, health insurance premiums are rising on average 6-9% each year. With traditional, status quo health plans, employers have very little choice but to shift costs to their employees by increasing out-of-pocket expenses and leaving the average American living paycheck to paycheck functionally uninsured.

Fortunately, healthcare is fixed!

Employer-optimized healthcare models are gaining significant traction across the nation with employers of nearly all sizes and across all industries leveraging proven strategies to optimize their healthcare investment and provide high-quality, affordable healthcare to their people. Organizations such as Health Rosetta have built an ecosystem of employers, vendor partners, and benefits advisors to accelerate the adoption of these strategies.

At its core, employer-optimized healthcare puts the plan sponsor in the driver’s seat to create an environment where their employees are consistently accessing high-quality, affordable healthcare. It emphasizes transparent, fiduciary plan administration, aligned advising, patient-centric primary care, transparent access to pharmacy, and value-driven contracting with high-quality facilities and providers.

Most leaders care deeply about their people, yet unknowingly they are providing health benefits that have real quality concerns and are increasingly unaffordable. As of one of seven Health Rosetta Advisors in Michigan, I'm on a mission to help leaders optimize their healthcare investment & deliver world-class healthcare for their people.

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Brian Bellware

Written by Brian Bellware

As a Principal Gibson and a Health Rosetta Advisor, Brian helps leaders deliver world-class healthcare at a fraction of the cost.

Most leaders view health benefits with limited scope. In fact, Brian was one of those leaders, purchasing and managing employee benefits for 400+ employees in a fast-paced, growing organization. After moving into employee benefits, he’s identified the core issues through experience and education and has gained insight on how to get beyond the limited scope of insurance.

Brian is independently certified by the Validation Institute as a Certified Health Value Professional and is one of eight Health Rosetta Advisors in Michigan, the first and only in Southwest Michigan.