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What to Carry in Your Collector or Antique Car

Jul 17, 2013 5:38:00 PM

Any owner of an antique or collector car knows the risk involved with simply taking your car out for a drive. Whether you’re hitting the road for fun or headed to an auto show, carrying these items with you wherever you go ensures a breakdown won’t keep you down.

Digital Power Station

After a long day at a car show, this will ensure your car will start. A digital power station, offered by manufacturers like Stanley, can instantly start your car or charge your battery. Some even include an air-compressor, emergency light, and charge stations for your phone.

Hand Tools

Putting together your own toolbox can help you avoid the rare situation that a store-bought mechanic’s tool kit will be missing something crucial for repairing your car. Make sure you have all of the wrenches and screwdrivers you need along with a spark plug socket and wire brush.

Spare Parts

Keep a box of spare parts for replacing old parts that may be wearing out. This includes a starter, alternator, fuel pump, floats and fan belts.


A small box of fluids will keep your day from taking a wrong turn. Include water, oil, brake fluid, WD40, and liquid wrench penetrating oil to cover all your needs for a quick fix.


Who doesn’t know the elite power of duct tape to solve (almost) all of our problems? For a quick and temporary fix, store some electrician tape or duct tape on your wires or detached muffler to get you home for proper repair.

Fire Extinguisher

In case of fire, having a fire extinguisher on hand can stop a costly disaster. Given the choice of a $30 fire extinguisher against thousands of dollars of damage or worse, losing your car, it’s clear that the fire extinguisher is well worth the money.

Recovery Strap

If worse comes to worse and your car won’t start, carry a recovery strap to get towed to the nearest mechanic. Choose a nylon strap, as it’s more flexible than a rope or chains. The stretching of the strap helps absorb the shock load and builds up a bit of stored energy to help pull once the initial tug has stopped.

Turning your antique car’s trunk into your traveling auto shop may sound like unnecessary effort even to the average car enthusiast. Staying prepared for whatever life throws your way will save you time and money while keeping you cruising without a worry.

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