Brian Souders

Brian Souders

Brian is a Risk Advisor at Gibson, responsible for providing risk management and insurance services to business clients. He specializes in identifying, quantifying and bringing clarity around strategic, business, and hazard risk exposures. Utilizing the proprietary Sightline process, he and his team provide counsel and advice on complex business and people issues that extend far beyond the scope of an insurance policy.

Prior to joining Gibson in 2018, Brian has had many roles in the insurance industry. Brian began his career in 2003 and gained commercial insurance experience while working at Chubb and Amerisure. Most recently, Brian worked for a smaller independent insurance agency where he sold property/casualty insurance products. Read Brian's Full Bio

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What Good Is An Idea If It Remains An Idea?

By Brian Souders on Aug 9, 2019 6:30:00 AM

I can distinctly recall a discussion from my first real job. It was with a Regional Vice President, named Jim, who was about 4 levels above my direct supervisor. This was at a Fortune 100 organization, so being fresh out of college and having a serious discussion with a leadership team member was kind of a big deal. I had recently voiced my opinion on our current processes and procedures for time service standards at a large national conference. I offered several new ideas to evolve our standards. Jim called me a few weeks later to personally thank me for speaking up. And although most of my ideas were not feasible at the time or just bad, one of my ideas he loved and was already beginning to implement.

I wanted to discuss further my “bad ideas” that Jim said were not feasible, but he was too busy and basically ended the phone call with “Keep bringing me ideas – for every 20 bad ideas, hopefully 1 will be good.” I remember getting off the phone and being discouraged, thinking “Wow, what is that supposed to mean – 1 out of 20 is a good batting average?” Little did I know, this would be my first serious discussion on being an innovative leader.

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