Caitlin Smith

Caitlin Smith

As Managing Director of Blackbird Philanthropy Advisors (South Bend, Indiana), Caitlin Smith counsels businesses and nonprofits on execution strategy related to marketing communications, philanthropy, social impact, and social enterprise. Blackbird Philanthropy Advisors work closely with businesses and philanthropists to ensure they are making the biggest impact possible. Many philanthropists wonder if their donations work -- Blackbird is here to make sure of it.

Since 2006, Caitlin has worked on 30 political campaigns at all levels of government and is an active volunteer for several organizations focused on economic empowerment. She serves on the Board of Directors for a national organization that empowers women State Legislators to act on issues related to foreign policy, nuclear arms, and defense. Smith holds degrees from University of Chicago (MA/MSW, Social Welfare Policy and Management) and Indiana University (BA, Political Science).

Insights from Caitlin's expertise can be seen in various news outlets including: Health Magazine, U.S. News and World Report, Yahoo! Finance, and online publications such as Cheapism and on the Blackbird Philanthropy Advisors blog. If you'd like to schedule an interview or meeting with Caitlin, please email your request to

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Can Everyone In Your Company Be A Leader?

By Caitlin Smith on Oct 28, 2022 6:30:00 AM

Is it possible for every single person at your company to be a leader? The short answer is yes, of course. But, not all companies nurture this type of work environment.

When someone talks about a natural-born leader, they are generally referring to people who have an innate disposition to act. In other words, someone who “gets the job done.” But many companies overlook the fact that everyone has the capacity to lead. Being a leader doesn’t mean you’re always first, always best, always on top, or always right. It just means that you’re someone who has a propensity toward action. Leaders are people who are compelled to act.

How can you draw out a desire for action in every single person in your workforce? It’s simple: give everyone opportunities to lead. When each person is given a chance to act, to decide, to collaborate, and, ultimately, to own their positions – they will thrive, and so will your company.

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