Courtney Montfort

Courtney Montfort

Courtney is a Managing Principal at Gibson. She specializes in identifying business, strategic, and hazard risk exposures. Courtney consults with clients to develop and implement strategies to effectively and efficiently grow and protect their businesses. She is also a member of Gibson's Board of Directors. Read Courtney's Full Bio

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The Journey

By Courtney Montfort on Feb 23, 2023 6:30:00 AM

I’ve seen the same hairstylist for a few years and as a result, occasionally my haircuts turn into a free therapy session. (You know how it goes, you go in for a haircut and some how you’re confessing your biggest problems to a relative stranger while awkwardly looking at your reflection in the mirror...)

During a recent “therapy session” we were discussing my cut and style options. The conversation led to my usual comment of “Well, if only it was longer, I would do this …” My stylist looked at me and replied sincerely “Your hair is on a journey. Let’s stop trying to get here or there, and just appreciate where it is right now.”

She may have been talking about my hair, but we both knew she was alluding to something much bigger.

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