Haley Lane

Haley Lane

Haley is the Managing Advisor in the Private Client Group where she is responsible for providing personal risk management and insurance solutions for successful individuals, while also overseeing the department vision, client experience, and employee experience. She provides services across all lines of business including - auto, homeowners, personal umbrella liability, collectibles, jewelry, recreational motor vehicles, and more. Read Haley's Full Bio

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Community: We Are Better Together

By Haley Lane on Oct 5, 2023 6:30:00 AM

Human beings were designed to be communal. We were designed to work with others, interact with one another, live in close quarters together, and depend on each other for survival.  

In fact, studies show that having less regular social interaction in your life is associated with impaired immune function, heart disease, and even cancer.  

Now maybe that feels like a stretch, but I really believe there is something to this. Something special happens when people are brought together with other people, specifically those moving in the same direction.  

Whether it be your family members, your neighbors, your church community, your youth sports league team, your non-profit committee, or your workplace, there is beauty to be found in the results of human beings coming together for a shared purpose. 

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Taking Initiative

By Haley Lane on Mar 4, 2022 6:30:00 AM

Initiative: taking ownership of your decision-making process, acting without being told, pressing on when things get tough, and taking advantage of opportunities that others pass by.

I was a freshman on my college volleyball team and had been recruited to be either a setter or a defensive specialist. I had always been a setter, and I loved that position. The setter on a volleyball team is often attributed to being the quarterback of the court. We get to make the play calls, decide who gets the ball, be involved in every play, and make changes to the play design as we see fit. I love the strategy involved in being the setter.

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