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Joel Mattern

Joel is the Digital Design Specialist at Gibson. He is responsible for graphic digital and print design spanning Gibson's overall brand design and aesthetic, email marketing initiatives, social campaigns, blog creation, website design, and creative communications. Read Full Bio

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Leadership by Design: How a Design Mindset Informs Leadership

By Joel Mattern on Oct 14, 2022 6:30:00 AM

One of the fundamental principles of modern design, argued most prevalently by the great Milanese graphic designer Bruno Munari, remains intact: Modern design discards aesthetic beauty in an abstract sense in favor of formal coherence. In other words – and as any first-year design student has heard ad nauseum by now – form follows function. The reason this principle persists in the art world is because it is an elementary observation of the natural world in which we are embedded and to which we are subservient.

Munari’s visionary 1966 work Design As Art is a timeless classic of the art and design genre, and held dear by many designers across a number of industries. What might not be self-evident while reading it, however, is its crossover application to the leadership discipline. What do the practices of design and leadership hold in common with one another? Is there any correlation to be made? The question begs a close analysis of Munari’s masterpiece through the lens of leadership.

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