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Be Personally Adaptive

Jun 5, 2020 6:30:00 AM

We must become proficient at change. 

As Cy Wakeman teaches:

1. Change is only hard for the unready.

Readiness is being prepared and willing; so, if we are prepared for what the future might hold and willing to take action, then adapting to new circumstances will not be as difficult as we often make it out to be.

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And 2. It’s not the change itself that is painful, it’s our resistance to it.

It’s how we fight it, procrastinate, hold onto how we've been doing things, that's what hurts. It is when we get attached - to processes, things, people - that it is harder to accept change.

But the world around us is always changing so if we resist adapting then are we really ready?


When change presents itself, we must not fight the reality. Instead of resisting, we must welcome the change. We must joyfully get on board and adapt!

There is a great quote on this by Atomic Habits author James Clear:

The idea that "change is hard" is one of the biggest myths about human behavior. The truth is, you change effortlessly, and all the time. The primary job of the brain is to adjust your behavior based on the environment. Design a better environment. Change will happen naturally.

What's The Risk?

Every step forward, every act of progress comes with risk. The changes we face can give us us pause and contribute to our resistance. But If we’ve prepared and are willing, operating from a place of readiness, we’ll be able to adapt those risks and change will never feel so easy.

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Tim Leman

Written by Tim Leman

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