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It's Been One Year...ALREADY?!?

Feb 22, 2024 6:30:00 AM

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After making any sort of significant change in your life, you may have found yourself saying “Well, it’s only been a few months since…” to explain why you don’t know something, why you’re still catching up, or as it relates to the progress you’ve made in a positive way. Recently, I found myself saying, “Well, it’s been almost a year since I joined Gibson.” What I didn’t say out loud, but was certainly thinking in my head, was “ALREADY?!?” 


So much can change in 12 months. And life changes—such as a career move—are not ones to make lightly or haphazardly. As my dad taught me, “You find a job and work really hard. You stay loyal to them, and they will be loyal to you. You ride out the hard times because of the good.”   

My Dad

His advice was very applicable to my career. I started in the employee benefits industry after a seven-year stint at a wellness company. I made the jump to work for a CEO I admired and trusted, and for 15 years, we worked together successfully and loyally. I benefited from that loyalty—as did the company, the clients I served, and the teammates I worked with.


So, when the opportunity presented itself to come to work at Gibson, it was one of great reflection. What would it mean to leave the CEO, teammates, and clients I cared so much for and had been so loyal to? What if I didn’t like my choice a few months or a year down the road? What if I didn’t fit in?  How would this impact my ability to be present with my children and extended family? My current company was so family focused and I was able to pour into my daughters and take time to do the activities I love. Would I be able to do that at Gibson?


Just like a kid changing schools, my nerves were on high alert. It felt silly at times, but as a career-focused individual, I needed to be especially intentional in how I made my decision. Obviously, there is the pros versus cons exercise, but I knew I needed to take it a bit further. I needed to dig into my choice and know that I was the one who made it, I am the one accountable to it, and only I can own my success. 


By asking myself the following questions, I found the clarity I needed:

  1. How will my decision to stay or go impact my professional advancement?
  2. How will others around me grow because of my decision? 
  3. What would change for me in my personal life as a result?
  4. If I make a change, what do I want my legacy to be, and what can I do to best make that come to life?


Nearly 12 months after joining the Gibson team, I can confidently say I made an amazing decision! Just one year in, I am experiencing the results of my choice—significant individual growth and an enhanced ability to impact and support others. I’ve learned new ways of thinking, met amazing professionals, leveraged my talents, and made mistakes. As it relates to my daughters, I have continued to set an example of what it means to be a female leader in business while still being actively present in their college lives. It has all validated that this was my next professional “s-curve,” and the right choice for me. I’m already so grateful to my teammates, clients, and leaders for this experience, and look forward to many years to come! 


I will always hold great respect for those I worked for and with during the 15 years prior, as without that influence, I wouldn’t have had the experiences, learnings, and successes that developed me into who I am today. Additionally, my leaving created opportunities for others to step up in new ways and meaningfully influence the business. 


Making a career decision is not easy to do. If you are considering a career change and need someone to help ask you the hard questions and be a third-party listener, hit me up. We can all benefit from more cheerleaders in our corner! 

Laura Butler

Written by Laura Butler

As Practice Leader of Employee Benefits, Laura is responsible for supporting the internal service team in growth and development strategies through operational excellence. As a member of the Leadership Team, she is accountable to clients for their partnership experience with Gibson. Prior to joining Gibson, Laura spent fifteen years at another firm where she worked with both fully insured and self-funded employers ranging in size from 15 to 1300 employee lives. Laura’s consulting strengths were in strategically leading clients through challenging renewals, developing long-term benefit strategies, and focusing on employee health and well-being through data analytics. Over her 15 years, her client retention was an area of recognition in the market. Read Laura's Full Bio