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Leading Performance

Aug 26, 2022 6:30:00 AM

Leading Performance

Modern employees are tired of command and control management. They are looking for flexibility, personal growth, purpose, and a different lifestyle. And it's not just the younger generation. 

We must lead this workforce differently. But how?

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To learn more about the current work environment and a model of leadership that provides clarity of performance expectations, take a look at “Leading Performance… Because It Can’t Be Managed."


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Larry Linne

Written by Larry Linne

A microeconomist entrepreneur helping business leaders accomplish what they didn’t know to be possible, Larry Linne has spent thirty-five years working on the world of business so his clients can be great at working in the business. This work is based on successfully working in business as well. He is not just an idea consultant; he is a proven results consultant. Larry is considered a thought leader in areas of executive development, leadership, personal branding, performance management, and business growth strategies. His microeconomics and behavioral science skills, combined with endless hours of research and connecting dots, allow him to guide people to very safe innovative futures. His unique abilities are distributed through his work at InCite Performance Group and Intellectual Innovations. These companies consistently create intellectual property that help businesses and individuals reach results they didn’t know were possible.