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Returning To A Better Normal

May 8, 2020 2:30:00 AM

Today we’re sharing insight from guest blogger Erin Cressy, President of Cressy Consulting. We hope you enjoy Erin’s wisdom and perspective.

Returning To A Better Normal - BlogIn Gibson’s blog last week, CEO Tim Leman discussed “readiness” in terms of what comes next for us. He noted we weren’t prepared for the pandemic, but we can push ourselves to become increasingly ready for the unknowns that lie ahead, “What’s done is done… but you and I can do the work now to be among the ready for what comes next.”

As restrictions slowly lift and we reconnect with the way our lives used to be, I encourage you to not be content with “returning to normal,” but to want an even “better normal” to return to.  

So, what does returning to a “better normal” look like?

A better normal for one client I coach looks like this: she is navigating distance learning with her kids, a husband’s essential job connected to the health care industry, and her own full-time job. Surprisingly, she has become invigorated by the energy and structure that adapting to all of these changes required. She finds herself more productive and innovative while working at home. In coaching we talked about how she can take these lessons with her when her office space re-opens. Perhaps where work happens for her will look a little different after the pandemic restrictions lift.

Another client, who has always enjoyed working alone, is surprised by how much she misses the daily interaction with her colleagues. She has a new appreciation for the energy they bring and plans to intentionally connect with them more when they are no longer working remotely.

My business partner, Mickey Hay, decided she needed a day free from technology after experiencing weeks of “Zoom fatigue” from coaching and training online all day. She spent her Technology Free Day reading, reflecting, writing, and thinking. She finished a book that had been sitting on her bedside table for months. It turns out there was some great information within those pages that we want to share with our clients. Mickey felt refreshed and invigorated after just one day of taking a pause from technology. She decided to schedule one day a month from now on, and I have no doubt our business will be better off for it.

As for me, I’ve also taken more time to think. I love to learn and am fulfilled by making a positive impact in people’s lives. I am especially passionate about making this impact in the work I do with Mickey at Cressy Consulting. While coaching, training, and facilitating our Leadership Academy are great expressions of my “why” (or purpose), I have also realized I want to make this impact through writing. I want to write whenever I’m inspired to share an idea that could make a positive difference for someone. One lesson I’m taking with me to create a “better normal” is prioritizing reflection, writing, and sharing my inspiration with others.

Let’s also apply the question of creating a “better normal” beyond the world of work. What have we learned about our marriages, our families, our environment, and our world that we need to bring forward with us? How can we return to a space of being less busy with our schedules and more present to each other? How can we co-exist as good stewards of our environment? How can we take better care of each other, realizing we really are all in this together?

What’s The Risk?

The risk is missing out on the lessons we’ve learned from the pandemic upheaval. We’ve had to endure so much; let it not be in vain. Let us emerge from this better, stronger, more thoughtful, more connected, and more ready to lead the way to a better normal.

This content was written and shared by guest blogger Erin Cressy.

Erin Cressy 2020Erin Cressy, Ph.D., is the founder and President of Cressy Consulting, LLC.  Erin and her business partner, Mickey Hay, Ph.D., build leaders and leadership capacity to transform business and change lives.  With clients in nearly every industry, they’ve grown their business by focusing on their “why” and engaging in their own leadership growth and development.  Erin’s passion for leadership extends to her community involvement where she has served as a founding board member of Girls On The Run Michiana and an Executive Committee member on the Board of Directors of Leadership South Bend/Mishawaka.

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