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The Edge Podcast: Season 4

Feb 16, 2023 6:30:00 AM

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We’re back with a new season of The Edge Podcast!

Host Tim Leman dives into the real stories of incredible leaders who have found their edge and owned it.

Click the links in the titles below to listen to each episode. 

EPISODE #1: Andrea Butcher

Andrea Butcher, CEO of HRD*, discusses her passion for leadership development and helping others build their vision. She talks about equipping leaders & creating an environment for people to be successful. Andrea and host Tim Leman also explore how they have applied lessons and experiences from their leadership journeys to their families and personal relationships - as well as a few fun memories from their days together at Indiana State.


EPISODE #2: Mike Baer

Mike Baer, President of Trench-Ade, joins host Tim Leman to discuss the importance of relationships - with customers, employees, mentors, and personally. He talks about building an organization that has a strong sense of integrity. Mike also shares about his own leadership journey and his vision for the future, both personally and professionally.


EPISODE #3: Tim Spiker

Tim Spiker, founder of The Aperio, joins host Tim Leman to discuss leadership development. Through his leadership advising, podcast, and book, Tim focuses on the who of leadership, helping leaders to become inwardly sound and others focused. In this episode, Tim also talks about the powerful combination of humility & confidence, what makes for a strong team, and his edge in life.


EPISODE #4: Susan Dyer

Susan Dyer, Certified EOS®  Implementer, and host Tim Leman dive into EOS and the edge it provides to entrepreneurs. From her years of leadership and coaching experience, Susan discusses the evolution of a leadership team and the common obstacles they encounter. She also talks about the importance of delegating, the power of listening, and why leaders need to make time for other passions outside of work.


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