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Why Do I Need HR Software?

Jul 5, 2017 6:30:00 AM

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You may have dismissed the idea of using HR software, aka HR platform or HRIS, to help run your business as too costly and unnecessary. However, an HR platform can be an enormous benefit and often pays for itself in the long run.

Realize Cost Savings

Investment in HR software can lead to substantial cost savings despite an initial investment. Choosing the right platform will reduce labor costs as many functions will be completed by the software. Other tasks will take a lot less time to complete.

Alleviate Administration

Manual record keeping is very time-consuming. Using software to record information can free up staff for more strategic functions. Additionally, employee inquiries can take up a lot of a human resource time. HR software should offer a convenient option for employees to find information and submit updates themselves. It can also save time and improve effectiveness of recruitment, evaluations, and training. This can lead to substantial productivity gains.

Improve Client Service

In every business, clients are the backbone of existence. If you’re more efficient, your clients will benefit. Utilizing an HR platform lets you spend more time on improving the client experience.

Strengthen Compliance

Regulations are constantly changing. It’s hard for one person to manage. With an HR platform, you have a system and team of experts helping keep you compliant. HR software can also improve your business' security by reducing the amount of paperwork and ways in which data can be accessed. 

Access Leading Technology

Technology should empower people, not replace them. A good platform integrates various modules to work together, not just interact with each other. Leading edge technology will focus on the end user, including mobile friendly features. If products are too difficult or not intuitive, they won’t be used.

Evolve For The Future

An HR platform is critical if you want to control the transactional elements of your back office. It allows for more focus on strategic functions. This is foundational for your company’s growth and evolution.

Using an HR platform to manage back office functions can help you protect what matters most. Running a business is time-consuming. Relieving yourself from these administrative tasks will reduce stress and allow you to redeploy your energy and talent to focus on strategy, culture, and what you do best.


Written by Gibson

Gibson is a team of risk management and employee benefits professionals with a passion for helping leaders look beyond what others see and get to the proactive side of insurance. As an employee-owned company, Gibson is driven by close relationships with their clients, employees, and the communities they serve. The first Gibson office opened in 1933 in Northern Indiana, and as the company’s reach grew, so did their team. Today, Gibson serves clients across the country from offices in Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Utah.