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4 Ways To Have A Safe And Healthy Holiday Season in 2019

Dec 4, 2019 6:30:00 AM


The holiday season is upon us once more! 'Tis the season for family and giving, festive decorations, social gatherings and office parties, tasty sweets, family meals, shopping, and more.

With so many jolly activities to participate in, it's important to make sure you, your loved ones, and your organization are safe and healthy this holiday season. Consider the following resources to get you ready for the holidays!

1. Avoiding Stress During The Holidays

While the holidays were once a time of family togetherness and peaceful rejoicing, today's world has made it a frantic rush to host the perfect party and outdo relatives with gift selections. With holiday work events, family meals, and parties with friends, you may feel pulled in several directions as your calendar quickly fills up. Alas, the stress begins. But what to do? Check out these 5 tips to get you on the right track to enjoying the holidays as they’re meant to be.

2. Workplace Wellbeing: Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

The holidays are notorious for being the time of year when most people pack on a few extra pounds. While a few pounds may not seem significant, when you add up several years' worth of holiday weight gain, they can make the difference between a healthy and an unhealthy employee. Offering employees strategies to avoid holiday weight gain goes hand-in-hand with a workplace wellbeing program

3. Holiday Safety Tips

Not only do the holidays come with yummy sweets and the risk of a few extra pounds, they also pose safety hazards by increasing the risk of fire and injury. Each year fires occurring during the holiday season injure nearly 3,000 people and cause over $900 million in damage. Our wish for you is to save any burning for the few extra pounds and have a safe holiday season by following these important tips.

4. Hosting A Company Holiday Party? Limit Your Liquor Liability

A bartender is legally liable for serving alcohol to a patron who becomes intoxicated and then injures a third party. Does a business face a similar exposure when it hosts a social event where alcohol is served, such as an open house, holiday party, or employee picnic? Click here to learn more about what liability you may be facing and the appropriate steps to take in order to control your risk.


Did you know that male reindeer lose their antlers after mating season? They shed their heavy horns in November in order to save energy after their exhausting fight for a female. Conversely, female reindeer retain their antlers to forage for food throughout the winter. This means that Rudolph, contrary to popular belief, was most likely a girl!

On behalf of Rudolph, Santa, and Gibson, have a safe and happy holiday season!

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