Haley Lane and Kenzie Anders

Haley Lane and Kenzie Anders

Haley is the Managing Advisor in the Private Client Group where she is responsible for providing personal risk management and insurance solutions for successful individuals, while also overseeing the department vision, client experience, and employee experience. She provides services across all lines of business including - auto, homeowners, personal umbrella liability, collectibles, jewelry, recreational motor vehicles, and more. Read Haley's Full Bio

Kenzie is an Employee Benefits Marketing Analyst at Gibson. Her responsibilities include helping to prepare the request for proposals (RFP) while examining current plan information and experience. Kenzie works directly with the carriers to ensure complete and accurate information, negotiating the best rates for clients and maintaining strong relationships. Additionally, she prepares the benefit and cost analysis illustrations of marketing results and shares contractual differences relating to the various products and carriers. Read Kenzie's Full Bio

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From the Court to the Cubicle

By Haley Lane and Kenzie Anders on Apr 4, 2024 6:30:00 AM

Today’s blog is coauthored by Gibson’s Haley Lane and Kenzie Anders, both of whom grew up in the town of Plymouth, Indiana, where the Gibson roots first began back in 1933. You might say they are true homegrown Gibson employees.  

Kenzie and I, now colleagues at Gibson, were once high school volleyball teammates. I was the team captain and setter my senior year and Kenzie was the starting middle hitter as a freshman. We spent many afternoons, evenings, and weekends together in the gym. 

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