Mark Wobbe

Mark Wobbe

Mark is a principal at Gibson with responsibilities as a team leader and providing risk management and insurance services to business clients. He specializes in identifying, quantifying and bringing clarity around strategic, business, and hazard risk exposures. Utilizing the proactive sightline process, he and his team provide counsel and advice on complex business and people issues extending beyond the scope of a traditional insurance engagement. Mark is a a member of Gibson’s Board of Directors. Mark has extensive experience. His commercial underwriting career began in 1989 and progressed through several assignments with national insurance carriers. The combination of his years of underwriting, insurance company operations, and agency management experience give Mark a unique background and ability to develop comprehensive solutions for his clients. Prior to joining Gibson in 2003, Mark was senior underwriter for the technology practice at Chubb Insurance Company underwriting errors & omissions coverage and international programs for clients in the information technology and telecommunications sectors. Read Mark's Full Bio

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Multiple Generations: Better Together

By Mark Wobbe on Apr 6, 2023 6:30:00 AM

My longtime colleague Brad Serf often says, “I’ve told myself I would never be the old guy unable to adapt, wary of change, and pessimistic about the outcome; who wants to be around that guy?” I share his aspiration.

But finding the right balance can be difficult. How can I be a voice of experience, yet not become “that guy”?

In the workplace, I find there is also the natural order of things. The younger generation is raring to go, they are ready for the older generation to get out of their way. Meanwhile, the older have finally found their stride, likely performing with the highest confidence and have no intention of getting out of the way. How do these reconcile? How can multiple generations function effectively in an organization? Not just that, but how can they be better together?

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Live Abundantly

By Mark Wobbe on Jul 1, 2022 6:45:00 AM

What does it mean to "live abundantly" in business and how do we take ownership of this mindset? There’s no shortage of information on what "living abundantly" means from a spiritual or philosophical perspective (22.7 million search results on Google) and specifically what it means in different faith traditions. However, the phrase takes on a bit of mystery when  reappropriated for the world of work.

It begins with humility and gratitude in knowing that we’re fortunate and empowered to attract opportunities and realize our potential. However, with current scarcity of resources whether through labor shortages, rising costs, or supply backlogs, it can be challenging to find pathways toward living abundantly in business.

At Gibson, our core values provide guideposts around what it means to live abundantly and how to take ownership of the mindset. Let's review some of these to get a better grasp on the idea of abundance in business and how it's applied within our organization.

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State of the Market: Cyber Risk Insurance

By Mark Wobbe on Mar 17, 2021 9:28:45 AM

As insurance products go, cyber is in its youth. It’s a teenager, about 15 years old for argument’s sake. In its earlier years, it was widely misunderstood and easily dismissed unless your business model was truly e-commerce. However, as businesses of all types and sizes moved to the cloud and SaaS replaced in-house software on a LAN, more and more business processes were automated, and more data was accessible from anywhere.

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The Power Of A Team Is On The Inside

By Mark Wobbe on Feb 19, 2021 6:30:00 AM

In his book, The Power of a Positive Team, Jon Gordon addresses how teams face or react to the world around them. Circumstances and events happening around a team are not meant to define them. The team is meant to define its circumstances. The power of the team is on the inside, and when a team knows this and lives by it, it will create amazing and positive changes on the outside.

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Understanding Management Liability

By Mark Wobbe on Jun 26, 2017 6:30:00 AM

One of the most misunderstood types of business insurance is management liability, or as it’s also called, executive liability. It’s comprised of directors’ & officers’ liability (D&O), employment practices liability (EPL), and fiduciary liability.

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