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Be Uniquely You

Oct 7, 2022 6:30:00 AM

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What makes you unique?

I believe we all have God-given talents and abilities that are uniquely ours. I came across an analogy the other day that we are all different machines, built for different purposes. One person may be a pickup truck, while someone else may be a sports car, minivan, or maybe even a motorcycle.

Each vehicle serves a distinct purpose. A Prius may not be able to haul a boat like an F-150 but it’s a great car for a cross-country road trip. And you may not see many minivans on the Autobahn, but they make for great family vehicles. The problem comes when we expect a machine to do something it wasn’t built to do. If we expect a motorcycle to act like a truck, everyone ends up frustrated and the job doesn’t get done.

Likewise, we all serve a distinct purpose as well. My talents and passions are different from yours. The way your brain is wired is different from mine. And what a beautiful thing that is! We need each other for balance, collaboration, and synergy. But if we’re working against our natural instincts, that will only lead to frustration and mental exhaustion.

So how do you identify your unique talents?

Do some self-reflection.
What lights you up and gives you energy?
What kinds of things do you enjoy doing so much that you lose track of time?
What do you find yourself doing without being asked?

Take some assessments (like the Kolbe, Working Genius, or DiSC).
Assessments can not only help you identify your strengths, but they can give you language around why you may be feeling frustrated in different areas as well.

Ask around.
What do others come to you for?
What do they say you’re great at?
What qualities are you known for?

Becoming aware of our unique talents is the first step in exercising control over when and where we can employ them. The goal is not to fit yourself into some “ideal” profile or personality. The goal is to understand yourself and your natural gifts so you can put them to better use. From there, find ways to use your talents as much as possible. Your unique abilities serve a purpose. Life and work get a lot more fun and fulfilling when we get to use our God-given talents and do what we were uniquely created to do.

You have talents and abilities that are uniquely yours. How are you using them?

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Brittany Graman

Written by Brittany Graman

Brittany serves as a Learning & Organizational Development Specialist at Gibson. She is responsible for driving education initiatives and strengthening Gibson’s commitment to excellence and innovation through learning. Brittany collaborates across all functions of the organization to identify and analyze training gaps, develop effective training programs, and implement solutions for long-term learning. She also supports Gibson’s Managers and Team Leaders in optimizing individual development plans for all employees and creating a great onboarding experience for new hires. Read Brittany's Full Bio